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  • TechLiner? Black Tailgate Liner (3TG01) by WeatherTech?. Protect your pickup truck bed with this form-fitting one-piece bed liner made of WeatherTech?s newly developed elastomer. It combines the flexibility of rubber with the durability of plastic to create the ultimate in style and bed protection. Built-in fasteners make installation and removal easy for cleaning underneath. Specifically contoured for a perfect fit on your make and model.

    Includes Tailgate Liner Only
    Does Not include Bed Liner
    Easiest to install pick-up bed protection – PERIOD!
    Fits to the exact contours of application
    No messy sprays or drilling required
    100% recyclable, odorless material
    Flexible and durable
    Chemical and UV resistant
    While you bought your pickup truck for its style and versatility, don?t forget it is also an investment that you work hard to pay for. Leaving the bed of it unprotected subjects your paint to scratches, dents, and ultimately corrosion. If you can?t imagine strapping heavy lumber to your roof, fenders, or hood for fear of leaving scrapes, why do the same to your bed area? WeatherTech knows protecting your truck?s bed makes financial sense and they have applied the same level of resourceful engineering they pour into every floor liner to create the best pickup truck bed liner on the market. Unlike products that have been marketed at great lengths while offering nothing new, the TechLiner? is not a spray-on bed liner, nor is it a plastic bed liner that can warp and crack. It?s a liner that combines the flexibility of rubber with the protective abilities of plastic polymers.

    WeatherTech?s durable one-piece pickup bed liner is made from the company?s own newly created thermoplastic elastomer rubber material. It?s a synthetic rubber that bends, stretches, and rolls up easily yet returns instantly to its original pre-molded shape to fit snugly and uniformly over every contour. Not only will it keep moisture out better than rigid plastic bed liners, it?s more resistant to airborne pollutants, UV rays, road grime, and acid rain. The TechLiner? is custom designed for your specific make and model and mounts to your bed easily with built-in fasteners. Rolling it up to clean any deposits trapped underneath is easy, and it simply snaps back into shape on your bed once you?re finished.