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  • TechCare? 18 oz. Bottle Exterior Glass Cleaner with Repel (8LTC43K) by WeatherTech?. WeatherTech? TechCare? Exterior Glass Cleaner is an ammonia-free cleaner that cleans and repels water from exterior window and windshield surfaces, leaving a streak-free, fog-free and smear-free finish on your vehicle’s windows. Made and packaged in the USA.

    Biodegradable formula
    Removes bugs, dirt and debris with ease
    Long-lasting water repellency
    Does not streak, fog or smear
    Safe on tinted-windows
    Made and packaged in the U.S.A.
    Effective auto detailing solution
    Delivers non-greasy look and feel
    Perfect for use for use by enthusiasts and professionals
    Will help preserve your vehicle?s dealer showroom shine
    Quick and easy to use to get the job done right
    Handy to keep your vehicle in immaculate condition for years
    Delivers superior quality, reliability and performance
    Made to meet your needs and exceed your expectations
    Water will just bead away! Non-streaking, ammonia-free cleaner specifically designed for exterior vehicle glass surfaces. TechCare?Exterior Glass Cleaner contains Repel with water repelling-polymers, causing water to bead and fall away from windows and windshield keeping your view crystal clear.


    Exterior glass surface should be cool to the touch before applying product. Spray over area and wipe with a clean lint-free cloth.