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  • TechCare? 18 oz. Bottle Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner by WeatherTech?. WeatherTech? TechCare? Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner fast acting spray easily dissolves and removes brake dust, grease and road grime from virtually all tire and wheel types. Made and packaged in the USA.

    Biodegradable and acid-free formula
    Fast acting – spray on, hose off
    Leaves no residue
    Safe on virtually all tire and wheel types
    Foam immediately grips to tire and wheel to loosen and dissolve road grime
    Made and packaged in the U.S.A.
    Watch the dirt disappear from your vehicle?s wheels and tires as the powerful foam from our Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner dissolves road grime and loosens brake dust on contact. This highly effective cleaner promises to return sparkling wheels & clean tires for a professional quality finish.


    Use product on tires and wheels that are cool to the touch. Cleaning one wheel at a time, spray product over tire and wheel. Allow product to sit on surface for a few minutes. Rinse with fresh water. For extremely dirty tires and wheels, scrub product with medium bristle brush before rinsing.