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  • Fitment Notes: 2005-2007 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Excursion and F-Series

    Garrett Replacement turbocharger head units are 100 percent new units–not remanufactured or rebuilt. These turbo replacements take the place of your stock units, and provide your vehicle with the right fit and enhanced performance. They are available in many diesel and gas applications, and all come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty. Synonymous with quality and expertise, Garrett is a brand you can trust to deliver reliable, performance-ready turbocharger replacements for your factory units.

    These turbochargers are new stock turbos from Garrett, the original turbo provider for the Ford Powerstroke diesels. All 2005-2007 Ford Powerstroke Stock Garrett Turbo’s purchased from Thoroughbred Diesel are brand new turbochargers still in the unopened packaging.

    Thoroughbred Diesel currently offers a Free Shipping Special also No Core Required on our Ford 6.0L stock turbochargers. Rest assured that any stock replacement turbo purchased at Thoroughbred Diesel is new and we stand behind them with a 2 year unlimited mile warranty.

    • Brand New Stock Turbocharger
    • No Core needed!
      What this means for you is you will not have to pay a core charge or send back a core when you buy at Thoroughbred Diesel!
    • We offer a Remanufactured 6.0L Turbo
    • 2 year warranty

    Compressor Wheel
    Garretts compressor wheel testing dictates 1 million cycles prior to introduction. This testing prevents issues such as low cycle fatigue (hub burst/ wheel splitting in half). A wheel may exceed life expectancy but is at risk for premature failure if reused. Analysis of failed rebuilt units show micro cracks in compressor wheel bores.

    Solenoid Control Valve
    The Solenoid Control Valve utilizes stricter control parameters to regulate oil flow through the unit. These controls minimize the amount of oil direct to the turbine end seal to reduce turbine seal leakage.

    Turbine Wheel
    The multiple cycles of the 6.0L application can cause high cycle fatigue of the turbine blades. When a 6.0L turbocharger is reworked it is unknown how many cycles are on the turbocharger which can lead to premature failure. Extended cycles can cause tip failures which can be mistaken for foreign object damage.

    Center Housing
    All new Garrett 6.0L Replacement turbos contain the up-dated center housing with a machined recess. The machined recess helps vent the moisture that could settle under the unison ring and minimize the corrosion in the contact area between the ring and housing. The machined recess allows toxic liquids to bypass the delicate variable geometry mechanism to reduce buildup and interface friction. Brand new units feature these upgrades for extended turbocharger life on 100% of all units.

    Unison Ring
    A brand new unison ring used with new vanes insures proper clearance thereby assuring superior turbo and engine performance. Eliminate problems associated with salvaged unison rings that increase side clearance with vanes that cause sluggish throttle response.

    VNT Mechanism
    The leading cause for replacement is corrosion within the VNT Mechanism. Operating conditions of the 6.0L engine cause the turbo VNT mechanism to wear significantly in a normal lifecycle. Rebuilt units that salvage the mechanism can shorten turbo life. All new parts solve these problems.

    Variable Geometry Vanes
    Typical high mileage vanes show extensive vane tab wear. Reuse of vanes can result in VNT mechanism malfunction. Garrett’s all new aftermarket 6.0L turbocharger contains a new vane design with improved metallurgy for better performance and life. Remanufactured units may have slow vane response which can have performance and or emission implications.


    • Turbine Housing Inlet Flange: Stock
    • Turbine Housing Outlet Flange: Stock
    • Turbocharger Style: Stock
    • Compressor Housing Included: Yes
    • Compressor Housing Material: Aluminum
    • Compressor Housing Finish: Natural
    • Turbine Housing Included: Yes
    • Turbine Housing Material: Cast iron
    • Turbine Housing Finish: Natural
    • Ported Compressor Housing: No
    • Wastegate Actuator Included: No
    • Exhaust Adapter Included: No
    • Intake Adapter Included: No
    • Oil Adapters Included: No
    • Quantity: Sold individually.