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    Balanced within 4% at Rated Power
    (SAC, 5 Hole, 128degree)
    Tested Across a Full Operating Range
    Comes with a Calibration Summary
    With our background in OE development and manufacturing, we bring a unique perspective to the high-performance world. We know what features and specifications need to be to ensure proper function, we know how to produce them and how to verify they are correct. The verification process/equipment we use is very untypical of a standard diesel repair shop and allows us to look at many more system performance characteristics beyond average fuel output.

    We test from idle to full power using factory calibration points and a few of our own points added for the high-performance market. We can fully map injector sets and have done so for a number of customers who want to best utilize their stand-alone ECU, or EFI Live capabilities.

    We use equipment developed and used by Bosch for the design and development of diesel fuel systems (specifically common rail) and have the expertise on staff to properly operate and maintain this very sophisticated equipment. Some on our staff were part of the development of this equipment and common rail injectors when they were employed by Bosch. This equipment is not only able to measure injection quantity but also shot-to-shot consistency and injection timing.FEATURES
    Unlimited nozzle flow increases via EDM and Hone
    Nozzles flow balanced within 1% across the set
    Stock and Bosch Motorsport nozzles
    All EXERGY Injector sets balanced within 4% at rated power.
    Injection-to-injection quantity variation (shot-to-shot)
    Injection rate
    Injector return-flow
    Each in-house modified set comes with a calibration summary