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Part Number: 1071217LX


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  • These bullet proof CNC Machined covers are a one piece design proven to prevent warping, leakage and improper balancing. This One piece Cover cuts down on pump crowding by allowing BD to maintain the factory height of the converter, this will in turn eliminate premature wear of the pump and converter nose. BD has also riveted their converters opposed to welding them together to cut down on out of balance issues and warping. BD also hand picks their dampening springs to ensure smooth engagement for maximum driver comfort. Notches have been added to the clutch friction material to maximize clutch fluid dispersion.

    The BD Diesel Performance Converters will last longer and 3x more holding capacity over stock converters. The Triple TorqueForce Converters use a redesigned Stator that will deliver 95% RPM transfer over the stock 75% RPM using longer more angled Fins. These features will help to provide increased fuel economy and lower engine temperatures. That’s not all, the 12lb weight reduction also frees up extra Horsepower and cuts down on extra wear and tear over other Performance Converters!

    Big Fine Spline Converters

    The BD Diesel Performance Big Fine Spline Converters are made to be used with the BD Track Master Transmissions or the Stage 5 Built-It kit. These converters can be installed in your BD Track Master transmission, Stage 5 Built-It. They can also be used in your existing transmission with the purchase of the Shaft and Support Kit Part Number 151-1071218BS.

    Enhanced Stall – Street/Tow applicaions
    Low Stall – Low rear end ratio with stock tires
    High Stall – Race/Drag/Sled applications only