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    For 3.5″ Exhaust Systems
    Provides up to 150 Retarding Horsepower
    24-Month / 24,000 Mile Warranty

    Increase your driving confidence and towing safety with the superior retarding performance of BD Diesel exhaust brakes. Using BD’s exclusive Variable Orifice Technology, BD’s turbo-mount design bolts in place of the factory elbow between the turbo and the exhaust system, providing peak retarding power throughout the engine’s rpm range not just at high rpm like other brands. The remote mount models, meanwhile, mount in the exhaust pipe and are perfect for modified applications.

    Provides up to 150 retarding horsepower throughout the engine’s RPM range
    BD’s exclusive Variable Orifice Technology
    Adjustable pressure regulation
    Pneumatic spring loaded cylinder
    BD’s solid, offset butterfly
    Rugged, cast-iron housings
    BD’s exclusive alumibronze bushing
    Piston ring-seals
    Stainless steel butterfly shaft
    Proven to stand-up under the harsh, high heat conditions of the exhaust environment
    All mounting hardware provided
    There’s a reason why the BD Brake is the most widely-recognized diesel exhaust brake in the industry

    24,000 Miles

    12,000 miles

    Exhaust Back Pressure test gauge kit 1030050 suggested for the set-up of exhaust brakes
    Brake controls connect to throttle pedal with Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APPS). Vehicles without APPS will require 1300420 micro switch and custom bracket will have to be made.
    May not work with engines that have OEM Variable Vane (VGT) turbos such as Cummins ISX. Will work with aftermarket non-VGT turbos.