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BD-POWER 2LOW UNLOC|2014-2018 RAM 2500 4WD | 2013-2018 RAM 3500 4WD

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BD-POWER 2LOW UNLOC|2014-2018 RAM 2500 4WD | 2013-2018 RAM 3500 4WD

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    Disable the Front Wheels while in 4 Low
    4WD Trucks Only
    Dodge 14-17 2500
    Dodge 13-17 3500
    Owing to its heritage as a diesel fuel systems specialist, BD Diesel Truck Service & Performance Center is a factory-certified Bosch, Stanadyne, Delphi and Zexel calibration and repair lab. VFI is one of few injection shops in North America to have Bosch Common Rail parts and an overhaul and testing franchise. VFI rebuilds most all mechanical and electronically-controlled fuel pumps and injectors for Diesel engine applications. The fuel injection department is fully tooled and can service gas direct injectors. Craig Warren runs this department and his whole career focus is fuel injection technology.

    Installation is simple, the kit plugs in below the glove box
    No wire cutting or splicing and no wires through the firewall
    The kit comes with an illuminated rocker switch for control and to indicate when the front axle is being overridden
    Designed to allow the operator to manually disable the front wheel drive mechanism by holding the hubs in the free (2WD) mode with the transfer case in 4WD low range
    By allowing the front wheels to be disengaged, maximum torque is available to the rear wheels
    This will also allow for sharp “All The Way Over” turns without the front axle u-joint hopping or binding
    With this kit installed, the front wheels will NOT be driven through the transfer case
    Allows to have full power and torque while in a high gear reduction applied to the rear axle(s) only
    12,000 Miles