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  • A total system solution with enhanced transmission control for exhaust braking, Banks’ direct-mount, no-maintenance exhaust brake has electronics that monitor critical engine and transmission parameters to maximize braking efficiency. It dramatically cuts downhill speeds without using the wheel brakes. This keeps brakes cool and ready for emergencies, and saves thousands in brake maintenance. Optimizes exhaust flow when not engaged. Easy install; needs no drilling, cutting or modifications to stock wiring. Fast warm-up function prolongs brake durability, and automated brake disengagement at low speed smoothes stop-and-go driving. Banks SmartLock locks the torque converter & raises line pressure to smoothly reduce vehicle speed and safeguard the transmission. Includes: Cast, large-bore brake housing assembly; High-force 4-1/4 inch vacuum actuator; Belt-driven vacuum pump with serpentine belt for quiet operation; Large butterfly valve with super-alloy shaft-and-bearing system; Wire loom; Mounting hardware. Smooth, controlled downhill descents. The only exhaust brake that didn’t require use of the foot brake in Drive. Highest peak braking horsepower. Immediate response. Superior airflow with brake open. By far, the quickest braking response time. Vacuum pump produces no audible noise over normal engine sound.

    Controls Downhill Speed
    Value-Priced Braking!
    Saves brake wear-and-tear
    Pays for itself in reduced brake wear and brake maintenance
    A total system solution
    Direct-mount exhaust brake dramatically cuts downhill speed without using wheel brakes
    For use on Manual Transmission equipped trucks
    Fits 325hp engines