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  • Banks Billet Torque Converter: 2003-07 Ford 6.0L F-250/350 trucks 2005-10 Ford 6.8L pickup, SUV and motorhome w/5R110 trans. Multi-disc torque converter clutch (TCC) and bulletproof billet housing;much greater TCC capacity;lowers trans fluid temps;quickens acceleration;increases durability. Non-slip, multi-disc torque converter clutch (TCC) and indestructible forged steel billet housing maintain solid contact for stronger holding power. Gives pickups 49% more TCC capacity than stock (1100 lb-ft vs. 740 lb-ft). Designed to match the Ford torque band to deliver maximum power to the wheels, Prolong transmission life. For vehicles with Torque Shift automatic: With its multi-disc lockup clutch assembly and improved forged-steel billet housing that maintain solid contact without flexing, the new Banks Billet Torque Converter with RaceLock technology provides far greater torque capacity than stock (1100 lb-ft vs. 740 lb-ft). And because the lockup clutch is slip-resistant, transmission fluid temperatures stay cooler and transmission life is prolonged. From its single-piece billet housing CNC-machined from forged steel to the furnace-brazed turbine and impeller, and from the furnace-brazed and hardened turbine hub to the hardened pump drive made of 4130 chrome-moly steel to withstand massive torque, the Banks Billet Torque Converter is built for precision, performance and long-lasting durability. It’s meticulously designed to properly match the Ford’s torque band to deliver the maximum power to the wheels and improve acceleration. The Banks Billet Torque Converter is also a smart upgrade for trucks modified for increased performance. The entire assembly is balanced and blueprinted for ultimate performance and smoothness.

    Prolongs Transmission Life
    Multi-disc torque converter clutch (TCC)
    Bulletproof billet housing
    Lowers trans fluid temps
    Quickens acceleration
    Increases durability
    49% more TCC capacity than stock
    Fits 2003-07 Ford 6.0L F-250/350 trucks & 2005-10 6.8L pickup, SUV & MH w/5R110 trans
    Price does not include $250 refundable core charge (72522-core)