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  • LoadLifter 7500XL? Rear Air Spring Kit (57599) by Air Lift?. This heavy duty air spring system provides a solution for vehicle squat, which can result from carrying heavy loads. By properly distributing weight to all four wheels, the LoadLifter 7500 XL maximizes vehicle stability while eliminating unsafe and uncomfortable driving conditions such as poor braking, unresponsive steering, trailer sway, body roll and bottoming out. This kit also smoothes out the formerly rough ride that could result from heavy duty towing and hauling.

    Requires drilling for installation
    Never exceed manufacturer?s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
    Load Capacity: 7500 lbs
    7,500 pounds of load- leveling capacity
    For owners of ?- and 1-ton pickups that tow or haul heavy loads like slide-in campers
    This kit provides an unbeatable combination of adjustability and ride quality
    Air adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI
    Air Lift-exclusive upper and lower roll plates protect the air springs from possible abrasion and increase load capacity up to 10%
    Most kits use the existing holes in the vehicle?s frame for a bolt-on installation
    Easy to install with illustrated installation manual
    End caps made of ultra high-strength, corrosion-proof, nylon composite which is as strong as steel but weighs less and will not rust
    Kits are compatible with most 5th wheel and gooseneck hitches
    (1) Air line with 2 Schrader valves (Part Number 20086)
    (1) LH upper frame brace (Part Number 07873)
    (1) M10-1.5 x 30mm Hex cap screw (Part Number 17409)
    (1) RH upper frame brace (Part Number 07895)
    (10) 3/8″-16 x 1.25″ Carriage bolt (Part Number 17361)
    (18) 3/8″-16 Nylon lock nut (Part Number 18435)
    (2) 5/16″ Flat washer (Part Number 18501)
    (2) 5/16″-18 x .75″ Carriage bolt (Part Number 17500)
    (2) 5/16″-18, Nylon lock nut (Part Number 18613)
    (2) 5/8″-11 Nylon lock nut (Part Number 18548)
    (2) 5/8″-11 x 4 .5″ Hex cap screw (Part Number 17348)
    (2) Air spring (Part Number 58115)
    (2) Clamp bar (Part Number 01531)
    (2) Lower bracket (Part Number 03818)
    (2) Lower bracket cup (Part Number 03225)
    (2) Lower leg adapter, 3 .5″ axle (Part Number 03913)
    (2) Lower leg adapter, 4 .0″ axle (Part Number 03914)
    (2) Lower leg adapter, 4.5″ axle (Part Number 03915)
    (2) M8, Flat washer (Part Number 18501)
    (2) Rubber washers (Part Number 21234)
    (2) Small star washer (Part Number 18411)
    (2) U-bolt (Part Number 11770)
    (2) Upper air spring bracket (Part Number 07925)
    (2) Upper chassis bracket (Part Number 07974)
    (2) Valve caps (Part Number 21230)
    (27) 3/8″ Flat washer (Part Number 18444)
    (4) 3/8″-16 x 10″ Carriage bolt (Part Number 17387)
    (4) 5/16″ Hex nut (Part Number 21233)
    (4) 5/8″-11 Flat washer (Part Number 18449)
    (4) M10-1.5 x 35mm Button head cap screw (Part Number 17366)
    (4) M10-1.5mm, Short universal nut (Part Number 18622)
    (4) Roll plate (Part Number 11897)
    (6) 1/4″ NPT x 1/4″ PTC swivel 90-degree fitting (Part Number 21830)
    (6) Zip ties (Part Number 10466)
    (8) 3/8″ Lock washer (Part Number 18427)
    (8) 3/8″-24 x 7/8″ Hex bolt (Part Number 17203)
    The suspension of any pickup, van, or mobile home that?s weighed down by heavy cargo, permanently affixed equipment, or a trailer is compromised because the rear springs are crushed down to a height they cannot recover from. Ride quality is reduced, and the front of your vehicle points upward. A rear end that is weighed down literally lifts weight off your front wheels, reducing the amount of traction you have for steering and reducing grip the tires have on the road when you need it in fast braking. After enough time, weighed-down springs sag permanently and the effect becomes even worse.

    Whether you?ve got a compact pickup truck or large mobile home, Air Lift offers Air Spring support kits that are tailored to your individual needs. For smaller vehicles with coil springs, the Air Lift? LoadLifter 7500XL air springs mount inside the center of your vehicle?s original springs to raise 1,000 pounds to proper ride height. For larger pickups and vans with leaf springs, Air Lift?s RideCONTROLL kit mounts a set of air springs between leaf spring and vehicle frame on each side, adding 2,000 pounds of load leveling capacity. And for commercial vehicles based on light truck or van platforms with heavy hauling needs, the LoadLifter5000 Air Springs supports a maximum of 5,000 pounds per axle. Kits come with necessary brackets and hardware for easy mounting along with easy-connect air lines for manual inflation. While air compressors are not included in these kits, Air Lift also has a selection of pumps that allow power adjustment of your springs automatically, or with the touch of a button.