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  • Load Controller I (25651) by Air Lift?. LoadController System is the quick and convenient way to inflate and deflate your vehicle?s air springs while on the go. The last place you probably want to drive your loaded vehicle and trailer is into a small gas station to fill up your air springs. With a LoadController Dual air compressor system, you can forget about having to search out an air compressor to inflate your air springs ever again! LoadController systems are air compressors that mount permanently on the frame of your vehicle to give you spring inflation pressure wherever you go. Adjustment of your springs is controlled manually from inside the vehicle. Compatible with any brand of air springs.

    Notes: Never exceed manufacturer?s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.
    Type: With Separate Air Spring Inflation
    Type: With Dual Gauge
    Dual-path design compressors allow left- or right-side springs on the same axle to be controlled independently of each other
    Heavy-duty strength compressors are recommended for daily or commercial use, run quieter, and provide better filtration
    Adjustment of spring pressure is manually controlled from inside your vehicle
    Pressure gauge with built-in control switches can be installed in the included mounting cup or any 2 1/8th? hole on your instrument cluster
    Air compressor pump mounts permanently to the vehicle frame to supply air pressure anywhere
    Emergency trigger automatically re-inflates springs if pressure reaches a critical minimum inflation point
    All air line couplings are easy and convenient to connect or disconnect
    Compatible with any brand of air springs (not included in kit)
    2-year manufacturer limited warranty
    Manufactured in the United States
    (1) 1/8 ? MNPT 1/4″ Straight Fitting
    (1) 3/16 ? Female Terminal
    (1) Air Filter
    (1) Bracket/Solenoid Assembly
    (1) Compressor
    (1) Filter Fitting
    (1) Gauge Panel/Harness Assembly
    (10) Plastic Tie Straps
    (2) Flexible Grommet
    (2) Tee Fitting
    (3) Black Self Tapping Screws
    (3) Fuse Adaptors
    (4) Silver Screws
    (4) 8-32 Lock washer
    50″ Air Line
    With the touch of a button, control the pressure in your air springs from the cab of your vehicle. This is extremely convenient for changes in load or road conditions. If you?ve just hooked up your RV, trailer or put a load in the bed of your truck, you can inflate your air springs to the desired pressure right from the cab. No more searching for a gas station compressor to find air!

    The gauge mounts in your vehicle?s cab and operates regardless of whether you are parked or on the road. The user-friendly gauge has easy-to-use inflate and deflate buttons to let you quickly inflate or deflate your vehicle?s air spring pressure. Mount in the included mounting cup, flush mount or insert into any 2 1/8 inch gauge pod.

    Instead of searching for a gas station with a working compressor to fill your air springs, Air Lift offers LoadController compressors that mount permanently to the frame of your vehicle and supply air pressure wherever you travel. If you would benefit from the ability to set different pressures in left and right side springs, choose ?Dual-path? design compressors that let you control each one individually. If lower cost is preferred, ?Single-path? versions feature one control channel that operates both springs together equally at the same rate. Whichever you choose, you?ll be able to select either one in standard-strength for intermittent weekend use or in heavy-duty strength for daily and commercial use.

    LoadController air compressors are adjustable from inside your vehicle at the touch of a button. They do not include sensors, so the height of the air springs is determined solely by the user, not automatically by the system. Should air pressure in either of the springs reach a critical minimum inflation point, LoadController air compressors will kick on automatically to correct the condition. The pressure gauge with built-in control switches mounts anywhere in your vehicle using an included bracket, or it can be inserted into any 2 1/8th?hole in your instrument cluster. All kits come with an air compressor, wiring harness, air lines, gauge/control, and all related hardware necessary for installation. Air Lift proudly produces LoadController air compressor kits in the United States, and backs all components with a 2-year warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects.