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  • Double QuickSHOT? Air Suspension Compressor System (25572) by Air Lift?. This kit contains an air compressor, lines, hardware, and a 2-gallon auxiliary tank that stores compressed air for faster inflation of springs that raise ride height. Can be used with rear-only or front-rear applications. Air lines can also be used to fill vehicle tires or other items manually.

    Notes: Never exceed manufacturer?s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.
    Compressor: With Heavy-duty air compressor
    Type: With Separate Air Spring Inflation
    2-gallon auxiliary tank stores compressed air for faster inflation of air springs
    Tank can be used with single or dual front/rear Air Lift applications
    Air lines from auxiliary tank can be used to fill tires, air rafts, sporting equipment, etc.
    In-cabin switch panel allows easy adjustment of tank and air springs
    Comes with 0.81 cubic-foot-per-minute air compressor with a 33% duty cycle at 100 PSI
    All air line couplings are easy and convenient to connect or disconnect
    Compatible with any brand of air springs (not included)
    2-year manufacturer limited warranty
    Manufactured in the United States
    Heavy Duty Compressor
    2 Gallon Reserve Tank
    There’s a reason 18-wheelers, busses and other commercial vehicles have used air suspension systems for decades. Because their load weights can vary greatly, the ability to adjust suspension pressure and firmness is invaluable. It brings a big increase to stability when hauling a heavy load or pulling a trailer you’ll notice instantly. Plus, the ability air suspension systems have to adjust and maintain a level ride height keeps any load evenly spread on all four wheels ? reducing premature wear of tires, control arms, axles, and all parts of your suspension. Air Lift components let you enjoy these same benefits on your pickup truck, sport utility, or van.

    The QuickSHOT Compressor System takes the SmartAIR kit to a higher level with the addition of a 2-gallon auxiliary air tank. It stores an additional reserve of compressed air useful for when the vehicle is shut off, when you want to lift the ride height at a faster pace, or when you have a heavier load on board. All wiring comes complete with harnesses and connectors, and an air pump is included for necessary compression. Adjusting pressures is easy with a dashboard mounted controller, and the QuickSHOT tank can be used with Single or Dual spring setups. Air lines and all hardware are included along with helpful instructions, and the quick-disconnect air line couplings can be used to inflate tires, rafts, or other items. Air Lift proudly produces QuickSHOT kits in the United States, and backs all components with a 2-year warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects.